Ethereum Devcon2: report e brevi considerazioni

“From Shanghai with Love” Sono recentemente tornato in Italia dopo aver partecipato, dal 19 al 21 settembre presso l’ Hotel Hyatt on the Bund di Shanghai, alla conferenza annuale di Ethereum “Devcon2”. L’atmosfera era quelle delle grandi occasioni. L’organizzazione dell’evento è stata curata dalla Ethereum Foundation con il patrocinio di Microsoft (sponsor principale e partner tecnologico […]


We have to wonder. Why foreign workers, who are already living away from their countries and from their families, when sending their savings to home must spend much money with traditional systems?

We think it’s unfair.

We respect  foreign workers’s sacrifices . We are not greedy and we set ourselves the objective of sending their savings to their homes quickly, safely and cheaply.

Virtual Currencies and Law

Every day we speak with enthusiastic people of bitcoin, the blockchain and virtual currencies. Every day we talk to people skeptical of the virtual currencies.
What unites the two groups is the lack of overall vision.

We think that these new technologies can and should work well within the current regulatory systems. Certainly, in the near future, the current regulatory systems will be updated. It is also true that people should be protected from fraud.


The savings are important, we are creating a new way to move them from side to another of the world safer, faster and cheaper. The prototype of our application is almost finished. We strongly believe in our project and we are working hard!

SBC – Final Selection Days

As you may know, we were selected among the top 20 startups in the world.
Alas, we didn’t make it to the top 10, but we’re cool and we made a lot of experience.
Terrific location! Supportive mentors! Beers!
We want to thank Patrick, Sal, Marc Elias, Marc Wesselink, Lotte and all the support staff.
Thank you!